Agriculture - God's Way
An Education in the Art of Service

When one realizes God's character is one of a servant, then the study of His Creation must be one to discover where every creature and the inanimate serve.  Mutualistic and commensalistic symbiosis are relationships of creatures with creatures or the inanimate, that are acts of service.  These biological terms, sometimes referred to as mutualism or commensalism, are the beginning of anyone's study of God's character shown in nature.

Quickly one discovers that every action in nature is an act of service.  At this point the question arises, “Why aren't biology books full of examples of mutualistic and commensalistic acts of service?”  The answer lies in what they point out: the innumerable examples of acts of service makes the theory of evolution look ridiculous.  The act of giving without receiving a reward for that service is a detrimental fluke according to that theory.  The existence in every creature on earth of multiple acts of service, wreaks havoc to evolution's primary supposition, that all stages of evolving must be self-serving to be retained.  When all nature is truthfully viewed, the acts of self-sacrificing service in ecological systems shouts that an Intelligent Designer whose joy is to serve, has done all this.

This book of over 100 pages discusses how agriculture, perhaps more than any other natural science, teaches us about service as the basis of God's government and principles of operation. It describes how much of the approach to agriculture that has taken precedence today is based on commercialism, exploitation, and greed, rather than unselfish service, and consequently has become destructive in many differnet ways. How can we move back toward God's original plan? All this is discussed in the book, with many practical object lessons and tidbits of agricultural wisdom from years of study, experience, and observation.

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