Welcome to True Education Symposium 2015!

What it is
A time and place for Seventh-day Adventist educators who care deeply about the inspiration of the Bible and the writings of Ellen White to mingle, compare notes, and talk about how to implement the educational plan the Lord wants us to have.

Kari Montague will be sharing experiences she has had operating schools in Weimar, California, Benton, Tennessee, in public schools, and in her home. She is planning to share tips you can use in your school.

Michael Dant's presentations will focus on the development of a solid spiritual Christian foundation. He will be discussing the idea and the mechanics of teachers, parents, and students surrendering their hearts to Christ for His service.

Eugene Prewitt will tackle a topic that has proven difficult to implement, but infinitely rewarding, that is, the Bible as the center of the academic curricula. He will discuss the Bible and the theory of knowledge and wisdom, and he will present the Bible's place in elementary, secondary, and tertiary curriculas.

Bob Jorgensen will draw on his extensive knowledge of the history of Seventh-day Adventist education to present the Pioneer Educational Plan, a Non-SDA example of combining study with practical training, modern examples of work-study programs, and the evangelistic potential of agriculture.

Kari is a committed Seventh-day Adventist Christian who loves the Lord. It is her desire to see God's principles of true education put into practice and vindicated. God has given her the precious opportunity to put the educational counsels we have been given into practice, and the blessed privilege of teaching children in her home.
Rob teaches at Southern Adventist University. He has served as the president of Weimar Institute, a hospital administrator, and a home-school dad. He is interested in developing a community of true-education enthusiasts who are willing to taste and see that the Lord's educational counsel can be trusted.

Rob & Kari Montague

Michael Dant has thoroughly enjoyed teaching Embedded Computer Science at Southern Adventist University for the past 6 years. But life isnít all about computers. Michael learned late in life to relish the Lord and is always looking for new ways to understand and share what it means to love God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.
Michael has been happily married for over 29 years and has two teenage sons, both of whom currently attend Southern. His other interests include exercising on the Biology trail, writing, preaching and travelling.

Michael Dant

Eugene Prewitt is a free-lance writer and teacher working in conjunction with such institutions as Amazing Facts, Adventists Affirm, Ouachita Hills , Jesus for Asia, Young Disciple and Audioverse.org. He and his wife Heidi reside near their church plant in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, though they have accepted a call to Malaysia where they will be founding a Bible-teacher training program with Aenon for China.
Mr. Prewitt will be discussing the Bible as the center of Seventh-day Adventist school curricula.

Eugene Prewitt

Bob Jorgensen comes from a family line of Adventist educators and workers. His father taught at Andrews University for a number of years. When Bob was in his teens, his father and mother pulled up stakes and moved to a country farm in the mountains of North Carolina, where the family started learning how to live off of the land and farm with horses.
In the succeeding years Bob and his wife Vicky have continued the farm operation to the present time. Bob has extensively studied the history of Adventist educational programs. He has traveled to Andrews many times, and has visited Avondale, Madison, Loma Linda, La Sierra, and Oakwood.

Bob Jorgensen