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Robert (Bob) Louis Jorgensen, 59, truly a man of God, passed to his rest Sunday evening, June 14, 2015 at Hartland Institute in Rapidan, Virginia.  Bob was well known here in the community and was also loved and appreciated by many around the world.  His death is a huge loss and his wealth of knowledge and insights as well as expertise will be sorely missed.  Bob was a very compassionate and humble person.  Those who knew him best felt he denied himself for the good of others.  He was the Head Elder of the Walnut Church of Seventh-day Adventists and sincerely endeavored to live what he “preached”.

The last week of his life was spent in giving of himself in a one week intensive agriculture training program at Hartland Institute.  In spite of oppressively high temperatures and high humidity the seminar was well attended and appreciated and successfully completed.  It was the following evening after working that full day in the field that he literally collapsed in the field just past 9 PM.  The paramedics were unsuccessful in their attempts and felt that he had had a heat stroke.  The autopsy report is not yet available.

Bob is survived by his wife Vicky Jorgensen, his mother Florence Jorgensen, his two brothers, Gilbert Jorgensen of Utah, William(Gail)Jorgensen of Tennessee as well as nieces and nephews.  He is preceded in death by his father Roy Jorgensen and sister-in-law Kay Jorgensen.

Bob was born September 8, 1955 in Minneapolis, Minnesota to Roy and Florence Jorgensen.  His family moved to Berrien Springs Michigan where his father taught at Andrews University.  Bob loved music and enjoyed playing the organ, piano, and cello as well as singing in quartets.  In 1972 when Bob was 17 years old his family moved to their farm in Madison County.  In 1979, at age 24, he married Vicky Fox and brought her to live on the farm.  They chose to give their lives in service to the Lord.  Having come from a long line of educators, Bob too found his calling reaching out to those far and near.  Bob was a man of many talents and practical skills as well.

The memorial service for Bob will be on Sunday, July 19, 2015 at 2 PM ETat the Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1141 Howard Gap Road, Hendersonville, NC  28792.  All are welcome to attend.  Light vegan refreshments and a reception will follow the service.  Live streaming will be available at www.fletchersda.org - click on Sabbath services live.  There is a Facebook page set-up at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Memorial-Page-for-Bob-Jorgensen/842826342431522.

In harmony with Bob's wishes, in lieu of flowers a donation may be made to Medical Missionary Press, 474 Blue Hill Road, Marshall, NC  28753.

Psalms 116:15  Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.

Revelation 14:13  And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth:  yea, saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.


Meeting Itinery

May 15-17 -England   Gazley Bible Fellowship

May 23   Advent Hope SDA Church, Atlanta, GA  - contact 770-380-2459 or 770-309-1511

June 7-13 - Rapidan, Virginia  An intensive one week hands-on family agriculture training class on an actual farm and green house operation. Registration and tuition is required. Contact: 540-672-1996 ext. 356 for registration information and meal/lodging reservations. Call 828-649-3976 or 828-649-0070 for questions regarding class material and activities. More information will be posted here in the future.

June 23-27  -Southern Adventist University   Education Conference - for more information 423.475.0021       rwmontague@gmail.com    www.patterneducation.org

November 11-15, 2015  -  Education & Agriculture Conference
San Antonio, Texas - contact 931-583-0139

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 Principles of Health
As time permits, we plan to enlarge on principles of health that are important in maintaining a good quality of life, and a clear mind to know how to discern God's will for our lives. In harmony with this purpose we are developing some additional sections of information that will give pointers on growing high mineral, nutritious food.

 Biological Agriculture Principles
Biological Agriculture follows the methods that promote life in the soil, such as microbes, micorrhyzial, and other microscopic life, as well as others forms including earthworms, etc. It sees these as facilitating the input of nutrients and minerals into the plants in order to aim for the highest possible nutrition from the food you grow. In order to know what needs to be done so that you can work on achieving the optimum mineral balance for microbe life and plant growth, a soil test is the quickest method of figuring what is need. But not just any soil test will do! Many state soil labs will do a soil test, but will not give you much of the information that you really need to find out. They are operating on the conventional wisdom of using NPK fertilizers. N stands for nitrogen, P for phosphorous (although the fertilizer is really containing phosphate, a compound that has a 44%  phosphorous), and K for potassium ( the actual ingredient is potash, a compound containing 83% potassium). So on a bag of NPK fertilizer, such as 10-10-10, you actually have 10% soluble nitrogen, 10% soluble phosphate, and 10% soluble potash. The kind of soil test needed will check for many major and minor mineral elements, much more than merely NPK and pH. Click here to see a list of the things that you should ask for on a soil test.

 Biological Agriculture Supplies
Many people have told us that they have a hard time obtaining some of the items that are needed for a non-toxic, biological approach to growing food with the highest mineral and nutrient levels. We are endeavoring to develop an inventory of items that can be obtained in sizes suited for the home gardener. Please click here to go to a page that gives more details and a list of items that you may obtain from us.

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Pocket Bibles
Keep a pocket Bible with you as you work, and improve every opportunity to commit to memory its precious promises. -LDE 67  


We have made an extensive search trying to find KJV pocket Bibles that had a zipper cover, at reasonable prices, even contacting Cambridge publishers in England. So far we have been unable to find what we have been looking for. However, we did locate a supply of snap flap pocket Bibles approximately 3 1/2 x 5 inches, and 3/4 of an inch thick. They also come with a magnifying lense for those who have difficulty reading the smaller print size.


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     "Confessions of a Medical Heretic"
     by Robert Mendolsohn, MD

     Book available from MMP
     See more description and

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NEW BOOK by Jerry Travers
   Click here to see a description and
   order the book

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CDs from the 2013
True Education &

Agriculture Conference
are now available  

  Click for the 2013 Order Sheet


DVDs and CDs available from past Education & Agriculture Conferences - Click here to access an order form






DVD on different hand tools and what they are used for in country living.
Many of these tools are ones you should have if electricity or gas is not available. Once you know what they are used for and can recognize them, you can be watching for them at auctions, flea markets, and garage sales. Available for $10 + shipping costs. Call Medical Missionary Press at 828-649-0070 or email mmpress@mmpress.info

DVD on preparing your spring to get clean water.
Covers the necessary steps in spring head development to enclose and protect your spring for a clean and reliable water supply. Order from Medical Missionary Press for $10.00 + shipping. Call 828-649-0070.

3 DVD set on the steps for spring preparation for your garden.
Covers the necessary steps to carry out in the spring for preparing and planting a small bed, or a larger garden area. Also gives ideas on what to do if you haven't done the important fall preparation. These and many other things are covered on this set of 3 DVDs. They can be ordered from Medical Missionary Press for $30 + shipping.

3 DVD set on the steps of fall preparation for your garden.
Many people may not realize that the best time to give attention to your garden needs is in the fall. Many of the minerals and amendments are best added in the fall so that they can break down through winter weathering. Soil testing is best done in the fall to fine tune the amendments for the growing season the next spring. Pruning, propagating, and planting fruits and berries should be done during the winter season. Fall is a good time to begin raised bed and garden preparation. These and many other things are covered on this set of 3 DVDs. They can be ordered from Medical Missionary Press for $30 + Shipping.

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