Accident pictures
The purpose of placing these pictures on this website is twofold:
  1. It will demonstrate the effectiveness of simple remedies, and especially pine sap;
  2. I wish to freely acknowledge my debt of gratitude, first to God for preserving my life and that of the passenger in my truck who miraculously was not injured beyond a few minor scuffs and bumps, and also to all who have helped, either directly or by their prayers, in my recovery.
                                                                                                   -- Bob Jorgensen

Truck at junkyard #1
Truck at Junkyard #2
Truck at Junkyard #3
Hand Injury before treatment
Hand Injury after 13 days
Head injuries after 3 days.
Head wounds after 12 days
Battered Truck and driver

Truck Click here to see the condition of the truck after the accident. Pine sap didn't afford any healing for its injuries!

Inside Truck

Hand Click here to see progression of healing with a hand injury.

Head Wounds - Top Click here to see the progression of healing with a long cut on the top of the head.

Head - Side Click here to see a progression of pictures showing the healing of a gash on the side of the head.