Three Angels' Messages
The term "Three Angels' Messages" refers to the three messages described in Revelation 14:6-12. These messages are depicted as being proclaimed by three mighty angels. In Seventh-day Adventist history and understanding, the first message (verses 6, 7) was proclaimed in the years leading up to the fall of 1844, when the "cleansing of the sanctuary" of Daniel 8:14 was to commence. The second message has been understood to apply especially to the time following the rejection of the first message by the Protestant churches in general since the spring of 1844. The third message has applied to the development of gospel truth since 1844, and will culminate in the preparation of the final generation of people who are prepared to be translated when Jesus returns at His second coming.  

Seventh-day Adventists have had a unique blessing in that, like Israel of old, from their beginning as a separate people they had the manifestation of the prophetic gift in their midst in the person of Ellen G. White. In the writings of Ellen White (the most prolific woman writer of all time) are found many accounts of things shown to her in visions and divine revelation. Seventh-day Adventists accept these revelations as being inspired by God for the benefit of His people, just as the writings of Moses and Bible prophets were inspired for the benefit of His people.

In Ellen White's writings we read that every reform has its place in the third angels' message.
As we develop this web site we intend to develop sections devoted to different areas of reform including the following:
    Theological reform
    Worship reform
    Education reform
    Health reform
    Temperance reform
    Music reform
    Dress reform
    Agriculture reform