We believe that the work involved in carrying out the gospel commission is primarily a work of education. Jesus said, "Go therefore and teach . . . ." Education should not be viewed as the experience gained by going to an institution of "higher leaning" for a period of several years, and then when a person graduates they have "gained their education." Rather, from a Biblical view, education begins for a person before birth with the prenatal development, continues in a most significant period for the next three years, and never ends this side of eternity. Education should not be viewed as the accumulation of knowledge, or a repertoire of facts, so much as the development of character and gaining an understanding of how to learn through the rest of life. We are told that "it takes much study to learn how to study."

Education or Schooling?
This is the title of an interesting article which we found on the Excellence In Education website. John Taylor Gatto (1991 New York Teacher of the Year) points out, schooling and education are mutually exclusive.Sometimes it takes a lot of "unschooling" to get involved in real education. Click here to read the article.

Delayed Academics: Key to Preventing Learning Problems
Starting a child too early in booklearning and a structured class program can handicap their education for years, and often for life. For most children this means not starting before 8 years old. For some it means as late as 12 years old. Read this article to find out what happens from starting early, and why it is so damaging. Another article from the Excellence In Education website. Click here to read the article.