Country Living
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We have six volume sets of used Foxfire books which were published from time to time starting back in the 1970's. These books cover nearly every facet of self-sustaining country living as the old mountain people of the Appalachian Mountains used to live. These books show in considerable detail how to build a log cabin, how to make a wagon, a manually operated turning lathe, and much more. Many different aspects of growing, harvesting, storing, and using different kinds of food are described.
These books are available for $75 per set (+ shipping costs), or $15.95 per individual book (+ shipping costs). Order by calling us (828-649-3976) or sending an email (

We also endeavor to make available various items and resources that will assist those who are trying to get established in the country and prepare for a self-sustaining lifestyle as possible. From time to time we obtain old tools such as handsaws, brace and bit sets, various axes, and other tools. Please contact us if you are looking for such tools, or if you have tools you wish to donate to Medical Missionary Press for making available for such use. The funds received help sustain the operation of Medical Missionary Press. (Please note: Pictures here are for illustration purposes only; they are not the actual items we have available.)

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