This department will be the place where we add information about agriculture and its place in true education, and in the lives of God's remnant people. You may wish to also see the department devoted to Education.

Also in this section we will add, as we have opportunity, different areas of information on gardening that will be helpful. These will be indexed below. Simply click on the title that you want to check out. You can click on links to other websites for additional useful information.
Heirloom, Organic, & Open Pollinated Seed Sources
List of sources for seeds (click here)

Gardening Steps and Information by Jerry Travers
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Other Papers and Articles
Sources of Plant Food

Useful information at other websites:

Information describing the differences between open pollinated and hybrid varieties -

Basic varieties for the beginner -

Simple guidelines for a beginning garden with how much to plant for a family of four -

Recent Information on Agriculture Issues, particularly GMO foods -

Information from the frontlines of research in sustainable agriculture, focusing on getting maximum nutrition in food that you grow, or buy -

Information about the hazards of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) ingredients in our food