Medical Missionary Press was started in 1983 with the desire to communicate with other Seventh-day Adventists regarding the need to preserve and develop the special truths which God has committed to Seventh-day Adventists. Through the years, while we have continued with an emphasis to bring more sharply into focus the most solemn and important truths ever committed to mortals (9T 19), our efforts have greatly expanded to include efforts to reach people of different beliefs and persuasions. We have accordingly prepared many tracts and materials that are oriented to people outside of Adventism. Many of these tracts focus on the theme and issues of the great controversy between Christ and Satan.

Our primary focus continues to be the vital truths of the Three Angels' Messages. In the future we plan to add much more material on this subject here.

A special area of emphasis, as our name indicates, is in the area of promoting true Medical Missionary work which supports restoration and health of body and mind. Much of the current medical emphasis in society comes under the label of "health care," but in reality is really "disease treatment." It does not even focus on identifying the basic causes of sickness and disease but rather treats the symptoms and assumes that you are "healthy" if you have no disease (or few) disease symptoms. In contrast, true Medical Missionary methods focus on finding and correcting underlying causes.

Here at Medical Missionary Press our study and research has led us to recognize that an underlying cause of much of the mental, emotional, and physical maladies that exist today is lack of mineral nutrients in food. Hence, attention needs to be directed to how to rebuild the elements that enable food to be filled with proper minerals and nutrients. This means that the ones who grow and prepare the food eaten by members of society today are really the basic "health care" providers, not the specialists in the medical profession who dole out pills to treat the symptoms of the ailments afflicting society (disease treatment). While we would not deny that there is a place for acute care facilities in dealing with various conditions and emergencies, what we are saying here is that the food producers have a far greater impact on the overall health of the people than does the medical profession in its practices.

As a result of this development of focus in our research we have found that among most people, including Seventh-day Adventists,x there is very little focus or awareness of this great need to address the growing practices and soil conditions for the food which we eat. On our web site we will post articles and information relating to this important area of Medical Missionary work, and of True Education. We might recall that "agriculture is the A, B, and C of true education." Perhaps there are more reasons for this than we have imagined.