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Personal Note from Bob Jorgensen
Through the past years of study and personal experience, I have come to see that agriculture is a vital part of God's plan for health evangelism and medical missionary work. As we well know, proper diet is a vital and significant part of the eight laws of health, of a lifestyle conditioning program, as well as of a suitable program for maintaining good health. Realizing that Medical Missionary evangelism and health reform are the “right arm of the third angel's message” and that a large part of what we generally refer to as “health reform” involves diet, and diet is composed primarily of food, we can see that how the food we are using is being produced and handled is very important. It has become quite apparent that all food is not equal, and now we have the problem of GMO ingredients found in more than 90% of processed food, as well as all the aspects of multiple toxic chemicals used in food production, and then there is the factor of greatly diminished mineral and nutrient content to the point where some food does not furnish enough nutrient quality to make it worthwhile eating it. The mineral and nutrient quality of two fruits or vegetables that look very similar can be 100s of times different. Hence having a clear knowledge, or even better, an involvement, in the production process should be considered a vital part of a truly functional health or lifestyle program.

In the past several years there has been a rapidly increasing interest and desire in different places to have agriculture classes and weekend seminars. Some of the items that I recommend in the gardening classes that I conduct are hard to find in many localities, especially in small quantities suitable for the home gardener. As a growing branch of Medical Missionary Press we are endeavoring to develop an inventory of some of these harder-to-obtain-items which we can provide in measured amounts, either in standard size containers, or in customized quantities according to the need.

Accordingly we are planning to maintain the following items for those who wish to order them, or to come and pick them up.

You will find more detailed description of various items on accompanying pages

Available for shipping or pickup:

Nutrapathic Soil Restore - 16 ounces - Mycorrhizal stimulants - 2 ounces per acre
Nutrapathic Bacteria Concentrate - 16 ounces - Mycorrhizal stimulants - 2 ounces per acre
BioNatural NutriTech - 250 ml. - Plant & Soil Innoculant - aids phosphate uptake in plants - covers 1 acre; 100 ml. - covers 4/10 acre
BioNatural Bioplin - 250 ml. - Soil Innoculant - aids nitrogen fixing; 100 ml. - covers 4/10 acre
BioNatural NutriFoliar - 250 ml. - Biological Leaf Innoculant - foliar nitrogen fixer; 100 ml. - covers 4/10 acre
Sea-90 - 50 lbs. - sea solid concentrate that provides many soluble micro-nutrients and elements that aid in microbe stimulation and nutrient absorbtion
InnerG - 12.8 oz. - covers 1 acre - foliar and soil nutrient booster
MetabAlize Pro - 12.8 oz. - covers 1 acre - soil vitamin-hormone complex
BioPlus Seed Treatment - 5 oz. - covers 100 lbs. of seed; can also be mixed with water and used in the row at planting time or in starter solution.
D-Tox - 1 pint - treats ¼-½ acre - liquid enzyme complex for treating toxic soils
Liquid Fish and Seaweed Emulsion - 1 qt.
Liquid Kelp - 1 qt.
Blackstrap Molasses - 1 qt.,
Kelp Meal - 10 lbs.

Shipping expenses will be calculated and an invoice sent. Please enclose payment with order when ordering items. Payment may be made by PayPal, check, or money order. Pick-up orders may be paid by cash.

Available for pick-up by appointment only:
Blackstrap Molasses - 5 gal. bucket
High Calcium Lime - 50 lb. bag
StateplaceTennessee Brown Phosphate - 50 lb. bag
Kelp Meal - 50 lb. bag