2013 True Education & Agriculture Conf.
Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center, Seale, Alabama
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True Education and Agricultural Conference
Nov 6  - 10. 2013

True Education and Agricultural Conference
Nov 6  - 10, 2013

Bob Jorgensen “Agriculture & Education” The current crisis.

Bob Jorgensen “Education” Missing links.

Allan Kennedy “Maximizing Growth” Optimizing Plant DNA Potential.

Daniel LaFlair “The Greatest Form of  Child Abuse.”  What does all of this mean; How do I now apply all I've learned?

Calvin Thrash “Uchee Pines Story”
Panel Q&A 3

Allan Kennedy “Year Round Real Food Production and Storage” How to Grow, Pick, Prepare, and Store Your Own Food Year Round for Maximum Body Fuel

Kroeger Iobst “The seed is Jesus the word of God” [Luke 8:11]

Jerry Travers “Are We Prepared” Are we ready for Jesus to Come; have we entered the classroom God assigned for our education in His behavior? Learn of the classroom and the lesson book. See the vastness of God's behavior.

Testimonies & Sharing from the Farm/Garden

Bob Jorgensen “Homeschool Issues”
John Dysinger Family “The Family Farm” Center for Community, Commerce, Education & Evangelism

Panel Q&A
John Dysinger “Farms of the Future: Small, Profitable and Productive”

Teresa Kodimer “Aim & Purpose of Education, and The Text Books” What is True Education? What does it prepare the student for? What is its source, Object? How do I obtain an education worthy of the name? What is the goal to be reached?

Larry Lesher “Knitted Together in the Womb or the Lab: GMOs of God or Man” As Seventh-day Adventist Christians does it matter and if it does matter, why does it matter?

Teresa Kodimer “The Training of the Twelve and Preference vs. Conviction” What were Christ's Methods? What system did He use? His classroom, and His listeners/pupils.

Panel Q&A 4

Jerry Travers “Epigenetics and Sin” Restoring the image of God in man. Restoring “placeCityEden” before Jesus comes.  Evolutionary thinking exposed and our dominion of earth explained.
DVDS - Complete Set of 21 Messages  - NOT AVAILABLE YET
Larry Lesher “Restoring The Waste Places” Testimony of having to restore the depleted land on his farm.

CDs - Complete Set of 21 Messages on 23 individual CDs
Panel Q&A 2

MP3 Audio CD - Complete Set of 21 Messages on 1 CD

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Bob Jorgensen - $6.50
Agriculture and Education
Homeschool Issues
Education - Missing Links

Allan Kennedy - $5.00
Maximizing Growth
Year Round Real Food Production and Storage

Jerry Travers - $5.00
Are We Prepared
Epigenetics and Sin

Teresa Kodimer - $5.00
Aim and Purpose of Education and the Text Books
The Training of the Twelve - Preference vs Conviction

Larry Lesher - $5.00
Restoring the Waste Places
Knitted Together in the Womb of the Lab:  GMO's of God or Man

John Dysinger and Family - $5.00
The Family Farm
Farms of the Future:  Small, Profitable, and Productive

Calvin Thrash - $3.50
The Uchee Pines Story

Daniel LaFlair - $3.50
The Greatest Form of Child Abuse

Kroeger Iobst - $3.50
The See is Jesus the Word of God

Panel Q&A - 4 - $8.00

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“Now, as never before, we need to understand the true science of education. If we fail to understand this, we shall never have a place in the PlaceTypeplacekingdom of PlaceNameGod.”
                                             -Christian Educator, August 1, 1897

“Before we can carry the message of present truth in all its fullness to other countries, we must first break every yoke.  We must come into the line of true education, walking in the wisdom of God, and not in the wisdom of the world.”
                                        -Special Testimonies, Series B, No. 11, page 30

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